What to Do If Your Mac Sound Is Not Working

What can go wrong when you hear no sound from your Mac device? Well, the external aspect may seem to be the speakers, but there are a few internal factors that interfere with the functioning that results in no sound production.

Mac Sound Is Not Working

What to Do If Your Mac Sound Is Not Working

So, if you are also encountering no sound problem, here are a few solutions to do that-

1. Check the Volume Level

Let’s start with the simplest task, and that is about checking the volume. Make sure the sound is on or the volume level should be to the maximum. Make sure the mute button is not turned on. On your keyboard, try pressing the volume up and down button to turn on the volume.

2. Check for the Latest Operating System

Sometimes, operating on the outdated operating system interferes with various technicalities of a device. The same issue can be with the Mac device that you need to update it.

  • To check if you are running the latest version, locate the Apple menu and go to the About tab.
  • This will display the version you are using that you get to know the name.
  • Use the App Store to install the latest operating system or the version. There should be “Software Update” in the About window that you should consider click on to downloading the latest upgrade.

Have a backup of your files if you are going to install a new operating system.

Tip: Check the headphone port as there should be nothing connected.

3. Restart the Sound Controller

If the mentioned solutions do not work, resetting the sound controller can make it work.

  • You need to access Applications>Utilities and double-click on Activity Monitor
  • In the search bar, type ‘coreaudiod’ ad go to Core Audio controller
  • Now, you should quit the process coreaudiod; this will restart the sound controller process

4. Verify the Video Player and the Clip Itself

Sometimes, the volume malfunctions in a specific app such as a video player. If you can’t hear the sound while using the video player, make sure the audio is not muted.

Also, make sure the video has sound in itself by playing it on another device such as your smartphone.

When the Mac Does Not Produce the Sound through the External Device 

Try following these steps when the external speakers connected with the Mac do not produce any sound:

  • Check the speakers themselves by connecting them to another source such as your phone or tablet and verify if they are working with the device
  • Unplug the device and plug it in again and check with the sound
  • Blow the ports a bit as the dust may interfere with the functioning too or sort any loose connection
  • Check the volume level of your Mac device as well as the external speakers
  • Connect all the cables in place such as the HDI, USB, or any other wiring as per the instructions.
  • Make sure the speakers are connected to the device from which you expect the audio.

In major volume happenings, trying these solutions solve the issue. Try them one by one and the problem should be solved. In case it does not, consider taking your device to the repair center or call a professional.

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