How To Use Mac To Add Ringtone On Your iPhone

Getting your choice of songs or even custom ringtones comes easy when it is about android. However, the process gets somewhat confused for iOS users. But, no worries as it is possible to set your choice of tune for all your incoming call or for that specific contact, let’s have this easy guide here.

Getting Ringtone On Your iPhone Using Mac

To get on with the process, you first need to open iTunes that come default with Mac. On a PC however, it needs to be installed manually.

You will need the sound clip that is about 35 seconds in your Mac device. The sound clip needs to be first uploaded in the iTunes library. If you don’t have the trimmed file, use any audio cutter and make sure the tune does not cross 35 seconds of duration.

Open iTunes and drag and drop the sound file to the library. Once, uploaded, you need to change its format from .MP3 to AAC. Follow this path for the same: File > Convert > Create AAC Version.

Use Mac To Add Ringtone On Your iPhone

If you have a sound file in AAC or .m4r format, you can skip the above step and get on to the file directly. If you have the AAC you need to change it to .mr4 so the iTunes can recognize it as a ringtone file.

Drag this AAC file from the library to the desktop and rename the file’s format to .m4r.

Once you have the .m4r file in your Mac, connect your iPhone using the USB cable with the device. When prompted by your iPhone to connect the device tap “Trust” and it would connect your phone with Mac.

Now, go to the iTunes again and in the left section, look for a phone like icon. There you can locate “On My Device” and select “Tones.” 

In the Tones section, drag and drop the .m4r file in iTunes. By doing this, the ringtone will be synced to your phone that you can set as your ringtone.

Remove the USB cable and go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone. There choose the custom ringtone or any similar option and from the list, select the one you just got using the iTunes.

This tune can be for every incoming call or you can set it specifically for a contact. Open Contacts and tap the person’s name. in the corner, you should see the option Edit, click this option and choose Ringtone.

From the list choose “assign specific ringtone” or something like that and the same list will appear on the screen from where you can choose the ringtone you want to assign. Save your settings and you are done!

So this was the method of assigning your iPhone the ringtone of your choice using Mac. The process remains same with the PC too except that you download the iTunes separately when it is about another operating platform than Mac. 

We hope you find the guide helpful to set yourself an iPhone ringtone and ringtone for a specific contact.

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